Sexually Transmitted Diseases Check-Up Bali

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Check Up Bali

STD are common sexually transmitted infections that can happen to any sexually active person. They can be easily diagnosed and treated in most cases. Untreated some of STD usually lead to serious health damage or even death.

It is recommended especially for persons involved in risky sexual behavior to test STD like syphilis, gonorrhea every few months, or in case symptoms appeared immediately.

Untreated HIV infection is always a deadly infection. You should test for HIV  at least once a year even if You always using condoms during sex.

In Bali Medika we offer a test for:

  • HIV – 4th generation test
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia – PCR
  • Gonorrhea – PCR
  • HPV (anal screening for men)

Get advantage of visiting us without an appointment for screening. Check available services.