Covid 19 precautions and safety measures while travel to Bali

Covid 19 – what is it?

Its a illness caused by corona virus. Its complications are severe in respiratory tract and causing similar to heavy pneumonia symptoms. Most of patients will go through infection with none or mild symptoms however it is highly dangerous infection for:

  • elderly peoples over 60 years old;
  • patients with other respiratory infections, diabetes, heart problems;
  • patients with weakened immune system – oncology patients, newly diagnosed HIV patients with co-infections like tbc, pneumonia or low CD4 level (below 350).

Among people, the virus typically spreads through coughing and sneezing, personal contact with an infected person, or touching an infected surface and then the mouth, nose or eyes.

Symptoms of COVID 19 infection:

  • cough
  • fever
  • breathing shortage or other breathing difficulties

Contact your doctor or nearest infectious clinic immediately if any problems of breathing occurred and you believe you could be exposed to contact with infected persons. Follow recommendations of health authorities. Do not go clinic or hospital by yourself. Ask doctor advise what to do and where to go eventually.

Safety measures:

  • Wash hands – often wash hands till elbow with soap for about 30 seconds at least.
    • use soap;
    • always wash hands after you back home;
    • use hands sanitizer after you wash your hands;
    • use sanitizer in public places if washing hands is not possible.
  • Avoid direct touch
    • avoid direct skin/body contact with anyone as much as it possible;
    • keep distance from others especially if you feel that You may be infected;
    • avoid hand shakes and kisses
  • Public surfaces touching
    • open the door with elbow;
    • if you go shopping use gloves to touch commonly used spaces and dispose gloves properly;
  • Limit contacts with others – you may be infected and you may go through disease without any symptoms
    • use mask always during outdoor activities
    • avoid larger group of peoples
    • avoid older peoples to protect them
  • Use face mask – it protecting others if you have been infected and stopping you from touching your nose and mouth; dispose mask properly – and wash your hands with soap always after removing mask.
  • Self quarantine for at least 7 days to avoid further spread of infection.
  • Wash surfaces at home and office often using disinfectant.
  • If You travel take precautions and wipe surfaces You will touch with disinfectant – dispose properly.
  • Take a flu shot – protect yourself from other infections during corona virus outbreak.
  • Use mosquito repellent – avoid mosquito bites during dengue fever season.
  • Stay relaxed and hydrated

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